Camping In California

Camping in California is possible in an unusually large number of diverse locations from deserts to lofty snow-capped mountains. This is because the Golden State, being America’s largest state, has over 270 state parks that extend from the dry heat of the Mojave Desert to the beautiful Southern California beaches and the cold mountain parks in Northern California. Where to go camping is mostly a relative question.

It depends mostly on the individual or group’s current location within California and the season and the interests of the people involved. For instance, some of the best state parks and campsites with beautiful scenery and natural beauty such as Yosemite and the Point Reyes Seashore are located in Northern California. The Truckee campgrounds near Tahoe and the Redwood Forests can also be counted amongst the top Northern California campsites.

On the other hand, an overwhelming majority of visitors in California usually come to visit the attractions on the Southern California coast like Disneyland and Hollywood. These visitors can hardly be expected to crisscross the state just to go camping in Northern California. Thankfully, Southern California too has a wide range of camping choices in the Santa Ana Mountains, the Mojave & Anza-Borrego deserts, Joshua Tree Park and many others.

Another thing to keep in mind would be the possibility of beach camping in Southern California. California is deservedly famous for its sunny weather and sandy beaches. It goes without saying that state park beach camping in places such as Doheny, South Carlsbad, San Elijo in California is a lot more fun than in most other states.