Coastal California Cuisine

Marina del Rey’s outdoor dining opportunities are sure to tantalize your taste buds, whet your appetite, and satisfy your every culinary desire, all as you enjoy a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, California’s beautiful people, or the smiling face of your dining partner.

Start Your Day Right

Experts all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can get your day off to a delicious start at one of the many outdoor dining establishments. You can enjoy a traditional American breakfast at Cousin Cheryl’s, where you can also shop for unique gift baskets. If you happen to be aboard one of the many boats that call Marina del Rey home, you can have breakfast delivered from the Waterfront Bar & Grill, otherwise you can make use of their patio for some boat watching as you enjoy your breakfast.

Brunch is a great way to start your day with a group of friends. This outdoor breakfast experience combines morning ocean breezes, soft sunlight, and a delectable smorgasbord of breakfast treats from places such as Stones Restaurant or Jer-Ne Restaurant + Bar. Of course, if you’d rather grab something on the run, you can get some fresh-from-the-oven baked goods from Noah’s New York Bagels or a gourmet coffee from Joni’s Coffee Roasting Cafe before heading to the beach.

Cafe Lunches, California Style

Nothing beats sitting at a waterfront dining facility in Southern California, watching the people pass, checking out the boats, and simply enjoying the good life. There are dozens of cafes in Marina del Rey that can provide you with an excellent outdoor dining experience. Cafe Mermaids offers gourmet toasted sandwiches and fresh salads on their waterfront dining deck. If you prefer spicy Cajun food, The Angler’s Choice is the place to go. This outdoor dining establishment is located conveniently in Fisherman’s Village and is also a popular stop for the nightlife crowd. For real California flavor, you can’t go wrong with the Organic Panifico Cafe. Panifico’s waterfront dining deck offers a beautiful view as you enjoy organic soups, salads, sandwiches, and Mexican treats.

If you’d rather be on the water, be sure to try Hornblower Cruises, where you can enjoy lunch, dinner, or even brunch aboard one of their luxury yachts. They also offer wine tasting, jazz, and sunset cruises. There’s nothing like dancing the night away as you sail through this mecca for movie stars, music legends, and royalty.

Dine In Style At The Water’s Edge

Waterfront dining brings the beach community into an entirely different light each evening. Boats cruise past, displaying colorful lights that reflect across the water. You can dine elegantly on steaks and seafood at the Chart House, or dine on the freshest sushi available at SugarFISH. If you prefer a contemporary Californian menu, you are sure to enjoy your outdoor dining experience at either the Warehouse Restaurant or the Waterfront Restaurant.

Whichever meals you get to enjoy during your Marina del Rey visit, you are sure to be delighted with all of the waterfront dining possibilities!

The California LLC – Taxed to Death?

California is renowned for being about as business unfriendly as any state. If you aren’t getting taxed over here, you are getting hit with some odd fee over there. The weather makes up for it, but sometimes you really have to wonder about whether it is all worth it. This is particularly true for small businesses who form limited liability companies only to get hit upside the head with a host of surprises.

The first surprise is one you could only find in California. The LLC is charged an $800 annual fee for the “privilege of doing business in California”. Oh, joy. The fee is due not at the end of your first year, but within a few months of forming your business. Yes, the door is barely open and you are already getting hit with state expenses!

The next surprise comes when you start bringing in some business. The wicked surprise goes by the name “gross revenue tax.” In addition to your $800 annual fee discussed above, you have to pay a tax based on your gross revenues. The tax doesn’t start until you are bringing in at least $250,000 a year, but it is important to remember what we are talking about here. This is a “gross” revenue tax. An example will help explain the significance of this.

Imagine I have a store selling some high priced item. My business plan calls for me to lose money my first three years as business builds up. The first year I bring in $125,000 and lose $10,000 as expected. Then year two rolls around. I bring in $260,000 in receipts and lose another $10,000. Much to my surprise, I own an additional $900 in gross revenue tax. Yes, this is true even though I didn’t make a profit!

So, should you avoid forming a California LLC? No, not really. It is still a great choice. A corporation in California has to pay the same $800 fee, but not the gross revenue tax. As long as you know what you are getting into, the LLC is still worth the financial aggravation.