California Nightlife

Los Angeles can be termed as a city that never sleeps. Hollywood dominates the nightlife scene in Los Angeles. The streets are lively and are dotted with a variety of entertainments which fits the bill of any curious visitor. Hollywood is dotted with nightclubs of international repute which are frequented by renowned personalities from around the globe. Music that accompanies many of the nightlife activities is invigorating. Equally brimming with energy are the restaurants and bars of various origin. Some of the famous bars might create the feeling of nostalgia, even though you might be first time there. Don’t worry; it is because some of them have featured in Hollywood hits. The nightlife on offer at San Francisco is concentrated on the Union Square, Ghirardelli Square, China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. These places are dotted with bars and clubs of different taste. Almost all the different types of cuisines in the world are served in the restaurants of different origin. State Street is the hub of activities in Santa Barbara. Stern’s Wharf, a 19th century pier, in State Street is dotted with clubs and restaurants offering various entertainment options. The setting of the Stern’s Wharf in night is soothing to the eyes. The events that take place during each night changes periodically and new and interesting events are showcased regularly. The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego gives the feel of the 18th century and is occupied by restaurants, clubs and bars. People, who are used to the modern nightlife, will have a unique experience here in the backdrop of 18th century architecture. Another unique nightlife offering is the fabulous follies in Palm Springs. This hilarious comedy acts attracts visitors of all age. Special events are organized during the night at many of the important cities. Most the cities in California features the normal nightlife associated with the cities in the United States. The only difference being the glamorous nightlife in Hollywood. It is better to check with local city guides for important events in the night.