Vacation Destinations in California

California, the third largest state in the U.S.A., boasts of countless destinations that will surely cater to any traveler’s discriminative taste. There are numerous theme parks, national parks, historical sites, and natural wonders that span the state’s entirety. It is a state that can be summed up in one word – Diverse. Diversity can be manifested in the people, tourist spots, climate, and topography. So if you are planning to be in California to spend your vacation days the article may help you a lot! Now let us see some of the excellent vacation destinations of the excellent state called California.

In California one will be able to enjoy natural landscapes of snow-capped mountains, seashore, desert and forest too. Yes! One can find the sea-area of Pacific Ocean in the extreme north of the state and in east of the state, snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. Also the desert area is situated in the southeast and the forest area is situated in the northwest of the state California! Now one has to include Yosemite Valley, Rolling Hills, Central valley, California White Mountains, Sequoia National Park, and Mount Whitney to the natural landscape areas of California. Also some beautiful rivers are located in California. Some names are worth mentioning like, Smith River, Redwood Creek, Klamath River, Garcia River, and Napa River etc.

The special mention of Death Valley of California is obviously needed! If one wants to feel the desert landscapes of California, then the Death Valley is the must-visited place for him. Death Valley recorded the maximum temperature in whole USA!

The first thing comes to mind on this account is obviously the famous Hollywood-sign! This Hollywood-sign is a strange thing! Basically the letter ‘HOLLYWOOD’ is spelt and written out in white color with a beautiful landscape in background of it!

Silicon Valley is also an interesting place to visit in California. It is situated in northern part of California. In Silicon Valley one can find a very large number of silicon chip manufacturers. A real hi-tech business area! There is one more hi-tech business area situated in Southern part of California is called Tech-Coast. These places are really worth watching!

Some man-made buildings and monuments are must-visiting place in California. The first thing that comes to mind is the Great Statues of Auburn! The statue seems to be 42 feet tall. The Old Faithful Geyser always seems to be the top attractions of the visitors of California. Also there is a toad traffic tunnel located in California called Toad Hollow. The 36-hole Pee Wee Golf Course in Guerneville of California is also an important tourist attraction. But the most astonishing thing is a huge sized thermometer in Baker of California! Some other interesting Vacation destinations are Monterey Bay Aquarium, California State Railroad Museum, Balboa Firm etc.

And last but not least, the most important attraction of California is coming now! It is none other than the Disney Land! This is basically a cartoon theme park, which is being operated by Walt Disney Company! Lots of fun and entertainment guaranteed with Walt Disney created animated cartoon characters.

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