Tour and Travel Guide to California

California is a one of the most popular state in the United State of America. This city is really a good travel destination for the USA traveler who wants to travel that place in USA where they can find everything related to mountains, deserts, nice beaches and forests. This city is also known as “The Golden State” only because of its beautiful enjoyment for USA traveler.

California is really a big state in USA. It is twice the total size of the Great Britain. This wonderful state is located on west coast of the United States. Some one has already told that this city is really most visited places on the earth and yes if you have plan to visit this city one time I am sure you will come again and again on every year whenever you have plan to visit USA.

California is a fast economical center of USA. It is world’s 5th largest economical state. Here most of the people speak Spanish. After visiting this wonderful state you will really says that California is only a state which reach in both cultural and natural enjoinments. It has really famous wildlife and also world famous parks and attractive places where you can fully enjoy with your family. Here you can enjoy hot air balloon rides also with back packing, mountain biking, camping, golfing and skiing.

A person who is already looking for water sports like enjoy boating, wind surfing, fishing and swimming then California is nice place for him. California is also famous for its world famous beaches. If you are really wants to enjoy your holidays in beaches then you should have to go South California, yes from here you can see world best beaches.

The famous city in California where most of the visitor wants to go is Los Angles and San Francisco. Yes a person who already visit California has told that these two famous cites in California is a dream place for California traveler. California is also famous for its car shoes, food fests and outdoor concerts.