California Distressed Real Estate Provides Long Term Profits

There are several ways to buy investment real estate in California. One of the most overlooked is buying from cash buyers who possess large portfolios of properties they themselves purchased at below market prices. Cash buyers typically buy distressed real estate and get good prices. They then turn around and sell these properties at a nominal margin, which equates to a good deal for the buyer. California is the largest market for real estate investing in the United States. It is, in fact, one of the largest in the world. The land in the state, from the sunny beaches in the south, to the fertile soil in the north, to the vast inland deserts and forests continues to grow in value. The state of California has solid industries and deep capital investments. Real estate investing in California can be used short-term, for quick profits, or long-term, for retirement accounts or college funds. Naturally the strategies will differ, and short-term investing is riskier. But the key to real estate investing is first to “get in the game.” Sitting on the sidelines has no chance of bringing an investor profits.

There is a belief that real estate investing is only a sound strategy in a “hot” market. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is always money to be made through real estate investing. In fact, down markets usually represent the best chance for large profits. By getting in when prices are low, investors have a greater profit margin when the markets rise again, as they always do. Seasoned investors buy most of their properties during cooler periods. They do so by purchasing properties from over-extended homeowners or other investors wholesaling them out. The arrangement is mutually beneficial for both buyer and seller since homeowners can often avoid lengthy and painful foreclosure proceedings.